AIdAF meetings

AIdAF meetings are divided into various types:

1. Interactive Workshop

Conferences between entrepreneurs and managers of associate businesses which confront company issues, in which alongside two associates or managers of the associate companies a moderator leads the discussion, with the goal of opening and enriching the debate, involving the public. To make these meetings effective and interactive, instruments of engagement are made use of, such as a vote or live tweeting, in view of specific questions.

2. Open-Hearted Meetings

Strictly private conferences dedicated to those associates where speakers have explained, with sincerity and transparency, sensitive issues of first-hand life experiences regarding the family-company dichotomy but not only, for example, “coexistence” with a financial shareholder, the shrewdness of a successful acquisition or the errors to be avoided and so much more.

The sensitivity of the issues addressed in these meetings, which are strictly closed-door, helps to encourage an open and constructive exchange of experiences to reflect inspirations and cause them to evolve in a way that intervenes with composure and optimism in the proper context.

3. Ex-Ex: Exchange Experience

A meeting with entrepreneurs, managers of Italian enterprises with an international atmosphere or managers of multinationals, with the purpose of making a comparison between Italian realities and those of other countries on specific issues that respond to the needs of associates that may involve FBN, the international network, or government agencies or institutions.

4. Pills

Meetings with partners and external realities close to the Association on various issues with the purpose of permitting associates to “know to grow,” involving various operators and a sizable public and not just entrepreneurs. There are three different types of such meetings, which in certain cases may occur in the same day according to the issue of particular interest:

  • Pill on exploration and discover;
  • Pill on updates and news;
  • Pill on understanding and follow-up.

5. AIdAF Accademy

Formation project that is developed through a series of meetings aimed at all components of member companies AIdAF, which addresses issues concerning the three primary areas of focus of family businesses:

  • Company
  • Family
  • Ownership

The meetings are live streamed and made available in the reserved area of the website AIdAF.