Institutional relations

The Italian Association of Family Businesses – AIdAF – is the only association that specifically deals with issues affecting small, medium and large family basis, since it involves all the components of business families.

AIdAF constantly works to raise awareness among the general public, institutions, professionals, the world of finance and universities regarding the characteristics family businesses and entrepreneurial families.


Over the course of its existence, AIdAF has upheld proposals to modify regulations regarding family businesses and the Association’s programmes feature the development of a series of institutional activities which, through 4 qualified round tables, allow for ongoing dialogue with institutions and Italian government entities regarding issues relevant to the needs of associate companies.


The round tables are focussing on the following issues:

1. Inheritance law and fiscality: this table tackles issues of inheritance and family agreements and statutory succession regarding means of ensuring a stable shareholding structure, succession and continuity of the business property handed down through the generations.

2. Corporate law: this table is intended to help protect businesses from hostile takeover bids and ensure continuity through stable shareholding structures and control over the company by the family, despite the need to be listed on the stock exchange in order to find funding resources necessary for growth identifying different types of shares (e.g. voting right share/loyalty shares/ development shares).

3. Governance and Code of Ethics: this table aims to provide a sort of “maintenance charter” of quality to speed up and facilitate the gaining of credit lines from banks and to achieve stable professional relationships with the regulatory entities – Italian stock exchange, Consob, Revenue Office.

4. Labour and Welfare: this table is intended to study, analyse and develop proposals in favour of associate companies which stand out thanks to support projects for their own employees and partners to be presented at a table held with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.