Partners of Competence

AIdAF created a community of Partner of Competence which have the task to make knowledge, corporate culture and opportunities for growth and development for family businesses associated.

  • American Chamber of Commerce in Italy

The American Chamber of Commerce in Italy (AmCham) is a private not-for-profit organisation affiliated to the Washington D.C. Chamber of Commerce, to which a further three million companies belong.

AmCham’s aim is to develop and promote economic and cultural relations between the United States and Italy and to promote the interests of its own associates in the context of business activities between the two countries.

AmCham and AIdAF have signed a preferential treatment agreement for the next three years, which entails:

  • preferential treatment for AmCham associates;
  • the provision of business support services from AmCham to AIdAF associates;
  • the organisation of ad hoc business in the United States for AIdAF associate companies.

  •  Borsa Italiana – Elite

In 2012, the Italian Stock Exchange created Elite, a system project focused on small businesses to support their growth and internationalisation.

Elite works with top Italian companies in the context of a three-phase programme to support them through a process of cultural and organisational change, bringing them closer to capital markets and improving their relations with the banking and entrepreneurial system.

The Italian Stock Exchange and AIdAF have signed an agreement for the next three years which entails an ad hoc programme for AidAF associate companies with training modules specifically designed for their associated family reality, which will be exclusively accessible to AIdAF associates.

  • EY

EY It is a global leader in professional services of audit and accounting, tax and legal, transaction and advisory services. The knowledge and the quality of EY services help build confidence in the financial markets and economies around the world. The professionals are distinguished by their ability to work together to assist stakeholders in achieving their goals. In doing so, EY plays a vital role in building a better world for professional people, customers and the communities in which it operates.