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The three-year project of the Association’s new Board of Directors, headed by Knight of Labor Mrs. Elena Zambon, proposes to:

“be the reference in Italy for family businesses”

with a commitment to:

– developing a family business model that is sound and solid because it is founded on ethical entrepreneurial values;

– exploring themes that are concrete and present in the management of Company-Entrepreneurial Family

– taking care of the personal and professional growth of new generations.

In particular, the goal of AIdAF is to transfer to the associates a major awareness of the fact that an ethical style of “doing business” will be revealed in the near future a fundamental asset also for healthy business growth. This means the strengthening of the conviction of entrepreneurs that the enterprises, in order to reach successful milestones, will benefit through characterizing themselves, as with a distinguishing mark, for the attention they will know how to give to the human side of work and for the capacity of being able to adopt an effective structure of governance because it is rigorous, confident and merit-based.