AIdAF essentially carries out three sets of activities:

Training and accountability of associated family members, whether they are involved in the operational management of the business, young or old, also with the first unfamiliar managerial line approaching the issues of family business.

Institutional projects compared with national and European politics for maintenance and training in a normative and regulated context that benefit family businesses, their development and their continuity from one generation to the next.

Exchange of experiences via the organization of moments of meeting and exchange of ideas to facilitate the network of contacts among associated entrepreneurial families.

AIdAF offers its associates:

– information and educational materials on topics of general interest (fiscal, legal, economic/financial, property-related);

– support through handover and generational continuity issues;

– networking amongst entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial families;

– access to the professional relations and qualified institutions network;

– involvement of young associates in family business issues;

– training on specific topics regarding the business-family relationship.