Women Leaders & Next Gen

Women Leaders Group

It brings together female leaders who fill an entrepreneurial and management role (executive or non-executive) in the family business. The mission is to highlight the contribution of women to leadership change, through the evolution of gender culture, acting on three levels: family, school and business.

The primary objectives:
• Advocacy, institutional relations & communication, through AIDAF and the individual female entrepreneurs who represent it
• Orientation, inspiration & education, starting from schools to businesses and communities in general, thanks to the involvement and testimony of role models and best practices
• Measurement and support to companies in defining internal objectives on the subject of female leadership

AIDAF Women Leader intends to collaborate with existing organizations on the theme of female leadership, contributing above all through:

• Representativeness, including a significant and qualified number that maintains the involvement of Women Entrepreneurs of Italian family businesses as a hallmark
• Positioning and exposure on country issues and business issues
• Promotion and support to young generations of women in the challenges of the moment


The AIDAF#NextGen Youth Group is open to the new generations (under 40) of associated entrepreneurial families, whether they work in the company or not. It is a very lively and active network, with its own governance (Youth Committee, whose President automatically joins the Board of Directors) and its own program of dedicated activities and events throughout the year.

Young people from AIDAF member companies can also participate in the activity programs dedicated to them by FBN – Family Business Network, of which AIDAF is a part.
AIDAF supports the new generations of member families in finding an internship in other member companies and in international companies associated with FBN.