The AIDAF BoardBook is a register of high standing and highly competent independent directors and directors dedicated to Italian family businesses.

All family businesses – listed and unlisted, small or large – can access the AIDAF BoardBook to identify, research and select the independent directors to be co-opted within the company’s Board of Directors.


The AIDAF BoardBook allows Italian family businesses – associated and not associated with AIDAF – to access a database of certified independent directors specialized in covering this role within Italian family businesses. In particular, through an evaluation process and interviews, the database makes it possible to search and identify the profiles most in line with the company’s needs and, through the support and coaching of AIDAF, to select and get in touch with possible candidates.

The AIDAF BoardBook allows all independent directors to become part of a qualified network of professionals who work alongside Italian family businesses in their path of growth and development, through making them available.


The directors are figures with the requisites of professionalism, integrity and independence, with national and international competence in economic, business and managerial law disciplines, specifically aimed at family businesses. Applicants must enjoy a high and recognized reputation and expertise within the business community.

Candidates who can access the AIDAF BoardBook can be: professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, members of entrepreneurial families, business managers.

Application to the AIDAF BoardBook requires certain eligibility requirements; particularly:

  • substantial experience in roles as members of Boards of Directors in family and non-family businesses
  • constant and proven participation in the meetings of the Boards of Directors of which you are a member
  • the commitment to sign the AIDAF code of conduct for independent directors


AIDAF is convinced of the need for some issues – such as digital and technological innovations, environmental and social sustainability – which will have an even greater impact on the strategy of family businesses to be shared and discussed within the Boards of Directors. Topics that require, on the one hand, specific expertise and experience and, on the other hand, prevailing sensitivity and receptivity.

To this end, AIDAF especially invites young people between the ages of 30 and 40 to upload their CV to the AIDAF BoardBook, as we believe they can bring great value and vision to Councils of Administration of family businesses.

Adherence to the AIDAF BoardBook is free.

AIDAF BoardBook is free for all member family businesses.