How to join

Adherence to AIDAF takes place through a resolution of the Board of Directors,
adopted with the favorable vote of at least two thirds of its members.

Legal entities owning Family Businesses (who are represented in the Association by a single natural person designated among those belonging to the owning Family or to one of the owning Families) can assume the status of Associates:

  1. who have been operating for at least two generations, in any economic sector;
  2. in which an Italian family, both regarding a company located in Italy and a company located abroad, or a foreign family, regarding a company located in Italy, holds, directly or indirectly, the power to appoint the corporate governance bodies;
  3. in which a member of a family is a member of one of the corporate governance bodies and holds top management functions within them;
  4. in which, in the case of companies listed on a regulated market, among the shareholders there is one or more Families owning a share of the share capital which attributes at least 25 per cent of the votes in the ordinary shareholders’ meeting;
  5. who have at least one of the following requirements (to be considered with reference to the last financial year):
    1. net assets of at least one million euros;
    2. revenues of at least five million euros;
    3. at least thirty people including employees and collaborators in various capacities
  6. in which the natural person who represents the family business has not engaged in conduct that the Board of Directors qualifies as particularly serious and has not received criminal convictions which, due to the nature of the offence, its seriousness, the time in which it was committed and the degree of judgment in which it was ascertained, are deemed by the Board of Directors to be incompatible with membership of the Association and participation in its bodies (requirement of ethical behaviour).
  7. have read and signed the Association’s Code of Ethics.

To apply for AIDAF membership, you must complete the membership application form below