International network

FBN – Family Business Network

AIDAF is the Italian Chapter of  FBN – Family Business Network – the international institution that brings together 3,700 family businesses with more than 16,000 associates in 65 countries around the world, allowing for a continuous exchange of international best practices and experiences to contribute to the training of the new generations of entrepreneurial families.

FBN organizes the FBN-i Global Summit every year, a special occasion to meet in a prestigious and exclusive context with participants from all over the world, and to explore a theme of family business management with the contribution of international speakers and testimonials from entrepreneurs of different origins and cultures.

EFB – European Family Business

European Family Business is an organization that brings together various European national associations of family businesses, with the aim of promoting their growth and continuity through a European project based on freedom, shared values, the rule of law, prosperity and social justice. The main objectives of EFB, based in Brussels and which focuses specifically on advocacy activities and institutional relations towards European policy makers, are:

• taxation (in particular corporate taxes and inheritance taxes)
• the promotion of entrepreneurship
• facilitation of business transfer
• training (in particular that which promotes entrepreneurship and legitimizes the role of family businesses in the economic landscape)

Every year EFB organizes a European Summit, a meeting point in which entrepreneurs and regulators meet to address economic, political and social issues closely connected to the development of European family entrepreneurship.