Privacy Policy


The following is made available by –
in compliance with art.13 of the Regolamento Europeo 2016/679 with respect to Personal Data Protection (“Regolamento” or “GDPR” and of del D.lgs. 30/06/2003 n. 196 (“Codice Privacy”), as well as any modifications and integrations
– AIDAF, headed by offices in Milan (MI) ), via S. Simpliciano n. 6, as holder of your personal data.


The web site offers informative and, occasionally, interactive software. During your navigation of the site, it might gather information on your visit in the following ways:

Navigation Data:
Information systems and software procedures employed to allow this website to function, acquire, within their predicted functionalities, certain personal data of which the transmission of is required for the use of internet communication protocols. In this category of data, the following information is included: IP address, type of browser used, operating system, domain name, the web sites from which access was given, information regarding what pages were visited within the site, the date and time of the user’s access, the duration of visits per page, the analysis of what sequence of pages was opened, and other parameters relative to the operating system and the digital environment of the user.

Other Data Categories
These include all personal data offered up by the visitor through the site, for example: compiling a module through which service offering can be requested and/or a contact request;
Writing to the email addresses indicated in our website to request information;
Accessing a reserved area and/or service;
compiling a module through which one’s curriculum vitae can be submitted;
compiling a module to receive our newsletter and marketing communications;
Compiling a module to subscribe to certain AIDAF initiatives (such as conventions, seminars, workshops, and events).


Provided data will be processed with the following objectives:

  • Providing the good and/or service requested by the user, managing the contracts perfected by the user, completing relative administrative, account, fiscal or legal requirements, as well as simply fulfilling the requests submitted by the user. The treatments set up for these objectives are necessary for the completion of certain contractual requirements and don’t necessarily require direct consent on behalf of the interested party.
  • Detection of user experience on our platforms, of products and of services we offer, and assuring the correct functioning of web pages and their content. The data treatments created for these objectives are based on the legitimate benefits of the Holder.
  • Send commercial communications related to the promotions and/or offers aligned with the interest of the Holder; the data treatments created for these objectives are activated only with the specific consent from the user.

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Data collected by AIDAF will be shared only for the purposes mentioned previously; we won’t share or transfer your personal data to third parties except for the ones indicated in this Privacy Policy.
In the course of our practice and exclusively for the same reasons as listen in this privacy policy, your personal data could be transferred to the following category of recipients:
Service providers (for example: IT Systems providers, cloud system providers, database providers, and consultants);
any private and/or public entity/individual that will necessarily receive communications of your personal data relating to the aforementioned purposes.
The updated list of data handling supervisors is available at the head offices of the policy holder and can be supplied given previous written request.

This Privacy Policy is applicable in the case of data transfer internationally, even if the host country has different data protection laws with respect to the European Union: every data transfer made to third parties will only be completed after having informed you and, when necessary, after having received your consent. Every data transfer completed outside those countries that the European Commission has approved the adequacy of will be based on deals that use standard contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission and other services that guarantee the respect of relevant laws.


AIDAF has implemented technical and organizational measures that can supply an appropriate level of security and confidentiality to personal data.
These measures consider:

  • State of the art technology;
  • Costs of implementation;
  • Nature of data;
  • Risk associated with data treatment

The purpose is to protect this data from accidental or illicit destruction or alteration, accidental loss, non-authorized access or disclosure or other forms of unlawful propagation.

Furthermore, when managing your personal data, AIDAF only collects those which are relevant, pertinent, avoiding excess and getting enough to satisfy the previously mentioned objectives, assuring that this personal data remains accurate and updated.


Acknowledging your right to oppose personal data handling and/or requesting it’s removal, AIDAF will maintain your personal data only for the necessary time to complete the analysis they were gathered or received for, or to satisfy the legal or reglementary requisites.
When the outlined time runs out, your personal data will be removed from AIDAF’s active systems.


The legal rights connected to the personal data that AIDAF collects are:

THE RIGHT TO RECTIFICATION: You may obtain the rectification of your personal data, that which regards you or which you have communicated to us. AIDAF makes a reasonable effort to make sure the personal data in their possession is precise, complete, updated, and relevant, based on the most recent available information.

THE RIGHT TO LIMITATION: You can obtain a limitation of the processing of your personal data if:
You contest the precision of your personal data in the period in which AIDAF has to verify it’s accuracy;
the processing is illicit and you request a limitation on the processing or request the cancellation of your personal data;
if AIDAF’s necessity to maintain your data is no longer present but you need them to assert, exercise, or defend your rights in legal processes or you oppose yourself while AIDAF check’s wether your legitimate motivations prevail over theirs.

RIGHT TO ACCESS: You can ask AIDAF for information regarding stored personal data that regards you, including information on which categories of personal data AIDAF possesses or controls, how they are used, where they were collected (if not directly through you), and who they were communicated to in case they were.

Following your request, AIDAF will transfer your personal data to another handler, if technically possible, on the condition that the handling of your data will be based on our consent or is necessary for the execution of a contract.

You can obtain the cancellation of your data from AIDAF if the one/more of the following conditions are met:
The personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the objectives for which they were originally collected or otherwise analyzed;
You have the right to oppose further analysis of your personal data and exercise this right of opposition;
Personal data was handled in an illicit way;
Unless the processing of data is necessary in light of legal obligations, by law, or to achieve, exercise, or defend a right within a legally binding scenario.

You can, in any moment, oppose the processing of your personal data, on the condition that this processing is not based on your consent but on the legitimate interest of AIDAF or third parties. In this hypothesis, AIDAF can no longer process your personal data unless it is possible to show you relevant or legitimate motives, an interest mainly in processing and verifying, or the involvement/defense of a right within a judicial context. Should you oppose the processing of your data, please kindly specify if you mean to delete your stored personal data or just limit it’s processing;

In case of a supposed violation of the relevant privacy laws, you may present a grievance to the relevant authority/governing body in your country or in the country the violation took place in.


Any future changes or additions to the treatment of personal data as described in this Privacy Policy will be communicated through the appropriate channels utilized by AIDAF (for example via e-mail or through the website)


To exercise the rights in artt. 15 e segg. of the GDPR, you can refer to the holder of this policy, AIDAF, with head offices in Milano (MI), via S. Simpliciano n. 6. Phone Number: +39 02 7601 5237 and email:
The manager of the personal data protection is the Director, email